January Journal

It's January. Things are quite grey and brown here in the city, and grey and white out in the country. The world is asleep, awaiting the sun. 
While doing some spring cleaning, I stumbled upon a small booklet I received from Blue Hill Farm at the C-Cap (Careers through Culinary Arts) event I attended last March. Every month is laid out, about what is going on above and below ground. Periodically, I hope to share some excerpts from this charming little volume. 

From Blue Hill Farm's Field and Pasture: Four Season Journal


Harvesting: baby oak lettuce heads, mokum carrots, claytonia, celtuce, scarlet frills mustard greens, hakurei turnips, swisschard, pea spouts, leek sprouts, chrysanthemum sprouts


Harvesting: berkshire pigs, eggs from the house


Curing firewood


Storing: celeriac, cylindrical beets, carrots, cauliflower, cabbages, sweet potatoes, arcuri garlic, winter squash, panther soybeans, eight row flint corn, shelling beans, honey