Spooky rice balls


I volunteer with a non-profit called Table for Two. Its mission is to provide food equity for people the world over. From October 11 - November 11, in honor of World Food Day, for every image of a rice ball (onigiri) that gets posted to social media, they will be able to offer 5 free meals to children in need around the world. You can check it out here. 

I decided to make something rather spooky, in honor of Halloween and the beautiful beets I got a few weeks ago at the farmer's market. What I had hoped to be blood-red rice balls just ended up being rather pink. Still, they came out good and certainly look unique.

Cook rice in your normal way, and then add as much shaved beet as you want. I used maybe 3-4 small ones. I added a bit of extra water to help with the cooking (maybe a bit too much). After the rice had cooled, I emptied it out into a container and fluffed it a bit, allowing it to cool, and seasoning it simply with salt. Topped with black sesame, they look sort of ghoulish, no?