About Kabocha Kitchen: 

Welcome to Kabocha Kitchen. This blog was born out of my passion of seasonality and Japan - and of course, food. I have studied Japan for years, and am self taught in Japanese home-style cooking. The meals that you will find here are inspired by  my time living abroad in Japan, and my experiences in the United States. While certainly there are many aspects of the authentic in my meals, there is also a purely American or European take on some dishes. I want to make Japanese-inspired food for the Western pantry.

The structure to my meals are based off of the Japanese school lunch system, known as kyushoku. I spent two years in rural Shimane Prefecture eating school lunch nearly every day in elementary and middle schools. Delicious and packed with nutrients, these meals inspired me to be a cook and create something both balanced and beautiful.

In this blog, you'll also find my love of the seasons. This love was born from growing up in California, a land of fewer seasons than some. Two brief years spent at a Waldorf School and a decade of studying Japan, a country founded in appreciation of the passage of the seasons, made me what I am today. 

Where can I learn more about Japanese School Lunch/Kyushoku?

I am happy to say that Japanese school lunch is garnering attention the world over. You can read more about the specifics to the Japanese school lunch system at my other website here, or watch this video which is a wonderful introduction to this fabulous world. 

Who Drew the Illustrations?

I did! You can see more examples of my artwork here. 

How can I contact you?

a.agliano.sanborn (at) gmail (dot) com