Alexis Agliano Sanborn has been studying Japan and East Asia for the past 15 years. She has lived in Japan as an exchange student, college student, working professional, and graduate student. Her travels within Japan are diverse: she has lived in Nagoya, Tokyo, and rural Shimane Prefecture, as well as visited the northern Okhotsk Sea and the hidden valleys of Shikoku. She received her Bachelor's degree in East Asian Studies and Japanese from UC Santa Barbara and her Master's degree from Harvard University in Regional Studies of East Asia. She avidly researches food education and school lunch in Asia, and is the Program Coordinator at New York University's U.S.-Asia Law Institute, as well as Table for Two's "Wa-Shokuiku Project." Currently, she is producing her first documentary, "Nourishing Japan," which explores those who support the food education and Japanese school lunch system.